When it comes to gas lawn powered tools the choice of cord and cordless doesn’t apply. But if you want to switch to a more eco-friendly solution you might want to take into consideration the two types of tools that are usually offered which are cord and battery operated.

Today we’ll briefly go over the difference between the two which should give you a better understanding of the pluses and minuses of both options.

Cord powered

Historically, it’s good to know that cord powered lawn-care tools have been the first type to come out since they were easy to manufacture and the company that made them doesn’t need to care about battery life and battery power.


Never run out of power

The real big advantage! You can never run out of power with a cord powered lawn-care tool. Whether it’s a snowblower, leaf blower, trim edger or lawnmower you are good to go as soon as you plug that tool in your power outlet.

Your motor’s force will always be able to go full force when you need it. To me, this is the biggest advantage of having a cord.

Full power all the time

You open your door and see there was a huge snowfall overnight. Well good news, your electric snow blower will never start feeling sluggish with a cord. What you get at first is what you’ll get all the time.

Common complaints

Well, judging from the advantages, you’d think the cord is the way to go right? Not so fast, have a look at a few ugly common complaints.

Having to deal with an actual cord

I don’t think you realize how frustrating handling a cord is until you have a somewhat awkward to manoeuver machine that can eat through that cord like there’s no tomorrow.

I’ve personally had a corded lawnmower and the cord management was awkward at best. Having to wiggle the cord behind me, toss it aside and ensure I wasn’t going over it in my backyard made me feel very silly. I couldn’t imagine driving a snowblower in the middle of a cold day.

Lastly, if you chew through the cord you’re done for and have to hire someone to fix the cord for you.

Needing a (good) extension cord

Have a big yard of a big driveway? I can bet that the cord that comes with your lawn tools won’t be long enough for you to cover your yard’s dimensions.

You will need to put some money aside for a decent exterior extension cord with a big gauge so you don’t overheat the cord.


Battery-powered tools are fairly newer compared to cord tools. Wait, that’s not quite true. Great battery-powered tools are fairly newer! Originally the battery-powered lawn care tools were not very efficient or cost-effective.


Easy to manoeuver

No more cord means freedom of movement. This is also added to the fact that electric lawn care tools, think snowblower/lawnmower, are also much lighter than their gas counterparts.

No cord chewing

As mentioned in the common complaints part of the cord tools, this is a huge deal for cord appliances. Well, it is also a huge deal for cordless/battery-operated tools because not having a cord means no cord chewing! Also, should anything happen to the battery, it is easily replaceable. No need to have a professional over.

Common complaints

Low battery equals less power

Lithium batteries these days are great. Hell, I mean even electric cars can hold a decent charge now!

While this is very true, the batteries will always perform worse in colder temperatures. This mean that the colder it is the worst your battery will perform for your brand spanking new snowblower. What is also not ideal is that as the battery reaches the end of its charge, it will start underperforming.

Slow recharge = Needing at least a spare battery

The most common complaint is that these batteries don’t charge fast. They are quite slow especially when taken from the cold. They can take anywhere between 45 minutes to 1 and a half hours. As you can imagine this is now ideal especially as you look at the snow outside starting to pile up.

To solve this issue, you at least need a spare battery so you can briefly do a swap and keep going strong.

So when looking for a few tools, it is often worthwhile going with the same company just to make use of all the batteries you’ll get for each tool. Most of the time these batteries are the same for the whole line of tools!


In conclusion, it might not be time to definitely cut the cord, but at least nowadays it’s something to truly consider as both options are valid. As a personal note, I tend to go toward cordless these days but hey, I won’t judge you if you decide to go with a cord!

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